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 The Summer Holidays' Changes

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PostSubject: The Summer Holidays' Changes   The Summer Holidays' Changes EmptyThu Jul 15, 2010 6:45 pm

Dear Guild Members,

During the end of this and beginning of another month I'll be moving out to another city and 'cause of that I won't have any possibilities to log in the game and moreover, no pc for that Nuu. With little help of Niwa I'll try to back as soon as it is possible.

However, I won't leave you without the leadership so we need to shift some people and their rankings.
From now, Asmo and Ushab will guide you as new Vice Leaders and the new Leader will be Niwa for like about 1-2 months (to my comeback).

I'll try to contact them and have all information about the condition of this guild onboard. You can always ask Niwa or Sacier if you want to talk with me [or to molest <3].

Have a nice day and summer Happy


The Summer Holidays' Changes Infidelsoffenir
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The Summer Holidays' Changes
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